Pilgrim Isaac Allerton Society
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Welcome to Pilgrim Isaac Allerton Society
The Society’s goals are to:

Meet together in Pilgrim fellowship with Isaac Allerton descendants or those interested in the Isaac Allerton family through Zoom meetings or in-person meetings. A general meeting of members will be held in Plymouth, Massachusetts every three years to coincide with the Mayflower Congress.

Perpetuate and honor the memory of Mayflower passenger and Mayflower Compact signer, Isaac Allerton and that of his family; his wives Mary (Norris) Allerton and Fear (Brewster) Allerton; and their children, Bartholomew, Remember, Mary, Sarah and Isaac Allerton.

Encourage continued research into the origins of Isaac Allerton and Mary (Norris) Allerton in England.

Encourage continued research into the descendants of Isaac Allerton and to encourage research to discover descendants of his son, Bartholomew Allerton.

Assist descendants of Isaac Allerton in acquiring acceptable proof of eligibility for membership in the Society.

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